Freelance & Video Production

I have worked as a freelance cameraman on the West Coast for the past decade.

I’ve built a wealth of knowledge in news and current affairs, running and filming live broadcasts, and documentaries.  I have covered all the biggest events on the Coast in the last 10 years, including the Pike River tragedy and its aftermath, mines closures, and the burgeoning tourist industry.

During this time I’ve worked with some of New Zealand's top cameramen and journalists, who demand and expect the best quality material.  Coast born and bred, I also have a wide range of local contacts.

We use a wide range of cameras to get the right look for the client, ranging from 4K to standed full-frame HD, and broadcast cameras.

We also use Ronin 3 axis stabilised gimbal, sliders and cranes for production.  Some editing services are available.
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We asked Dean Trolle to produce a Coleraine video for us. We wanted a document that showed the quality and style of our product, our points of difference in our delivery, our location and a subtle line that we were number one in the accommodation market. We heard before we approached him that Dean was an artisan at his trade and from our first meeting we knew that Dean was a good listener. So we left it to him to show us his skills. And he did. We hope he is as proud of his product as we are with the video. It is exactly to brief and we revel in the favourable comments of our industry peers.
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Fishing Guide

Fishing Guiding for the last 19 years has given me great knowledge of the local lakes, rivers, and streams.

Taking multi-day expeditions, I try to give the clients the best experience and some of the greatest trips available on the Coast.

Keep a high standard by taking only booked trips and making each one special.

Approved by the Conservation Department, I have the necessary concessions to guide on the DOC estate.

Involvement in TV fishing shows like “Gone Fishin” in New Zealand, and also Japanese TV shows going out to audiences of up to 15 million people.

Guest TV

Early on I wanted to create something for the local tourist operators.  So I came up with a channel to help motels increase guest nights, and put local tourist operators' information in front of visitors in the town they were staying. This is called Guest TV.

Each program runs about 30 minutes promoting local free attractions and DOC Tracks in the area, along with some of the best each town has to offer.

It now runs in the Coast’s three main tourist centres, Greymouth, Hokitika, and Franz Josef and is in close to 800 Rooms.
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My husband and I recently visited Hokitika and stayed at the Fitzherbert motel where we were advised to look at the video which outlined the local highlights. We were so impressed with the way the adventure activities, art and crafts and scenic opportunities in the area were portrayed. It gave visitors a little taster of all and easy access to follow-up on any interest. It was so nice to relax in our room and view the possibilities of the town rather than travel to an information centre and forage through a myriad of brochures. Every motel in every town should be providing a similar service for their customers. We were told that you were the creator of the video so wanted to say thank you and suggest that you let other towns know how very successful such an in-house video can be.
Carole and Alistair Wright


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Having aerial shots lifts any video production.

Starting 5 years ago when drones or UAV’s (unmanned aerial vehicle) were just starting out, I could see this was the way filming and photography was going.

I’ve gained experience over the years and built up to bigger craft.  Nowadays I have professional-sized drones offering higher quality and safety than the smaller drones on the market.

I take safety very seriously as I have worked in and around aircraft for many years. This is why I have Civil Aviation Authority approval to fly a UAV within 4km of airports on the West Coast, and currently use Air Band radio on all drone operations.

With family in the aviation industry, I have easy access to 3 different helicopters available on short notice.  For the bigger budget shoots, this allows for larger and higher aerial shots than are possible from drones.